Visualization Analysis

For a couple of years now I have heard talk about our inherent desire for the color red. Many research studies have shown that humans are attracted to this color more than any other. When thinking about fast food signs and most business logos, it is a challenge to not spot the color red. Some researchers have noted that early humans associated the color with blood, which meant something had been killed, and in return food was provided. Through this, we have developed a natural attraction to the color overtime. this topic of conversation has interested me for some time now and I wanted to do some visual research to see if this is represented in popular media.

I decided to do this through studying a collection of frames taken from a number of music videos. When thinking about which industry in music uses the most amount of color, Korean Pop was the style of music that came to mind. Almost all of their videos make use of bright and saturated colors that carry throughout the entirety of the video. Wanting to stick with the most recent examples, I chose to analyze the most recent videos of one of the top male groups, female groups, and most recent video overall.

For each of the three videos, I downloaded a frame each five seconds throughout the entirety of the video. I wanted to make sure that I got a larger amount of photos in order to have a better average when it came to analyzing the colors that were used in the videos.

Starting off with the most recent video from the boy group EXO, is their song titled “Obsession.” The piece is a dance focused video that shows members being filmed within a dimly lit mansion and warehouse. It is clear that red was the most dominate color throughout the video. Blue seems to be another common color throughout the photo, but red is what definitely took the lead.

Once again, red becomes the most popular color. This is a video from that famous international female group, BLACKPINK. The “Kill This Love” placed its sights on a women empowerment theme about self healing through killing the desire towards a toxic love. The video is similar to the previous example as red and blue were used the most. Red however still came out on top for throughout the piece from beginning to end.

The final video I did research on came out a bit different than the other two. The “Oh My God” music video from the popular girl group (G)-IDLE came out the same morning I began my looking into the videos. As you can see, the color red is not the most used color throughout the video making it the only one that didn’t have red bleeding throughout the whole piece. It seems that blues and neutrals made their way to the front for this one as they were catering to a regal but stripped aesthetic.

Although it seems pretty clear that red won the popularity contest amongst the three, I wanted to combine them all into a color palette to see a final average result.

With the color palette set to show me the average color, it is now clear that red is what they decided to use most. I wanted to look deeper into it the reason why they were using this color. While watching the videos, I noticed that the most action-filled or symbolic scenes were done with the color red. As we are naturally attracted to the color red, it makes sense to use the color when wanting to bring attention to important parts of the videos.

Whether or not this was done on purpose, it is interesting to see that the color aligned with the research that I had looked into beforehand. It makes me wonder if the use of color helps bring in the huge view counts that majority of these videos receive.

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